Review: Is It a Safe Place to Shop Online? (2024)

⚠️ Our team has identified a scam store posing as JOANN, a well-known fabric and crafts retailer. This fake website, using the domain, mimics the authentic JOANN site by using their logo, images, and texts. Scammers have taken advantage of the news about JOANN’s bankruptcy to trick people into thinking they’re getting great deals.

This scam uses a misleading domain name and fake ads on platforms like Facebook. The ads falsely promise up to 90% off and show photoshopped images to lure buyers with extremely low prices. These ads are posted by new or random profiles to avoid detection.

The fake site contacts include an email and a company name Graceausdrey LTD, located at 48-50 Commercial Rd, London, United Kingdom, E1 1LP. There are no phone numbers or social media links provided, making it harder for you to reach them.

💡 If you come across or similar scams, avoid making any purchases. Instead, report the website and ads to protect yourself and others. Follow the steps below to safeguard your personal and financial information. Acting promptly can help secure your information and prevent others from falling victim to this scam.

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  • 🚨 Is a Scam?
  • 🕵️‍♂️ How the Scam Works
  • 🤔 Summary Table
  • 💡 Watch Out for Similar Scams
  • 😱 What to Do If Scammed
  • 🛡️ How to Report the Scam
  • 🔍 How to Spot Scams Like the Scam

🚨 Is a Scam?

Yes, is a fake JOANN Store Closing Sale scam. 🚫 Watch out for any ad or message that claims you can save a huge amount on These offers aren’t real and are just ways to get you to spend money on a site that will not deliver the promised goods.

Examples of Scams:

Scammers are always finding new ways to make their fake offers seem tempting, but their goal stays the same: they want to trick you into visiting their phony site.

  • “Huge 90% off everything sale at Don’t miss these deals!”
  • “Unlock 85% off on all items for a limited time at!”
  • “Massive clearance event – Up to 80% off. Visit now!”
  • “Grab your 88% discount today only at Shop now!”

These scams lure you with unrealistic promises and pressure you into visiting a scam site. 🚨 Their aim? To take your money and personal info for fraudulent activities like stealing your cash. These scammers exploit the allure of big sales and sometimes even fake endorsem*nts to deceive people. Remember: legitimate online stores do not offer high-value items for free or at highly risky discounts with vague conditions. Always verify such offers with reliable sources.

🚩 Red Flags to Watch Out For:

Stay alert and question the legitimacy of such promotions if you notice these warning signs. 🔍🛡️

  • 🆓 ‘Too Good to Be True’ Discounts: Beware of promotions claiming extreme discounts without any clear explanation or criteria.
  • 🔗 Links to Suspicious Websites: The scam might include links to a site that isn’t known as a legitimate shopping platform.
  • 💸 Requirement for Payment or Personal Info: Any request to pay upfront or provide sensitive personal information for these deals is a big red flag.
  • Urgency to Act Fast: Promotions that pressure you to act immediately, using fear of missing out.
  • 🕒 Newly Created Domain: Check how long the website has been up; scam sites often have a short history.
  • 🔍 Anonymous or Hidden WHOIS Data: Legit businesses usually have transparent WHOIS data. Scam sites might not.
  • 👤 No Clear Contact Info or About Us Page: If it’s hard to find out who’s behind the site or to get in touch with them, be cautious.

🕵️‍♂️ How the Scam Works

The scam targets people looking for great deals online, and it’s essential to know how it operates to keep yourself safe while shopping on the internet. 💡🔐

🚨 Using Unrealistic Discounts to Lure You In

The scam draws you in with ads on social media and emails that promise incredibly low prices, using stolen product images to make the deals look legitimate. This tricks you into thinking you’re getting a fantastic bargain from a reputable store.

🔗 Deceptive Advertising of Huge Discounts

The ads direct you to, a fake online store that looks very convincing. It’s designed to appear as a legitimate shopping destination, fooling you into thinking you’ve found an amazing deal.

Deceptive Advertising Examples:

  • Ads promising up to 90% off retail prices
  • Ads featuring too-good-to-be-true offers
  • Stolen images from legitimate stores to sell the illusion
  • Links to, which mimics a real retailer’s website

🎭 Fake Products and No Delivery

After being misled by the discounts and placing an order, the site might show fake updates about your purchase being shipped. However, you could end up receiving nothing, counterfeit products, or items that are completely different from what you expected.

📥 Non-existent Customer Service

When you try to reach out for your order update or a refund, there’s either no response, or you find out that there’s no real customer service to help you. This part of the scam ensures they avoid confrontation and keep taking money from other victims.

🔄 Pressuring with Limited-Time Offers

Scammers pressure you into acting fast by claiming these unbelievable deals are for a limited time. They play on your fear of missing out to make you act without thinking twice.

🕳️ Harvesting Your Information

Besides taking your money, also aims to collect your personal and financial information during the checkout process. This info could then be used or sold for fraudulent activities, such as identity theft or unauthorized transactions.

By being aware of these tactics, you can protect yourself from falling victim to the scam and similar online shopping frauds. Always verify deals with reliable sources and be cautious about sharing personal or financial information on unknown websites.

Summary Table Scam
TypeOnline Shopping Scam
Scam SignsFake website mimicking JOANN, uses official logo and images.
How It SpreadsThrough misleading Facebook ads with fake photoshopped images.
Scam AdsJO-ANN STORE CLOSING 80-90% Entire Site SALE: Up To 90% Off!
Fake PromisesClaims of a site-wide sale offering up to 90% off.
Scammer’s MethodsUses a custom domain and misleads buyers with very low prices.
HarmVictims may lose money and personal information, never receive purchased items.
VariationsOther fake stores using similar templates and methods.
Scammer’s; Graceausdrey LTD; 48-50 Commercial Rd, London, United Kingdom, E1 1LP; no phone, no social media
Whois DetailsDomain Name: JO-ANNSTORE.SHOP; Registrant Country: CN;
Creation Date: 2024-05-27;
Registry Expiry Date: 2025-05-27;
Name Server: NS1.ALIDNS.COM;
Registrar: PDR Ltd. d/b/a

😱 What to Do If Scammed

If you’ve been tricked by the Scam, it’s important to act fast. Here’s what you should do:

🛑 Stop Further Transactions

First, stop any ongoing transactions. Call your bank or credit card company and let them know you’ve been scammed. They can block your card or reverse transactions that weren’t authorized by you.

💻 Take Screenshots

Take screenshots of everything related to the scam, like your conversations and any transactions, before the scam website is removed or changed. This evidence could be very useful if you decide to take legal action.

📞 Report the Fraud

Go to your local police station to report the scam. Bring any proof you have, like screenshots, emails, and links to websites. Also, report the scam online to the Better Business Bureau (BBB) at or the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) at If you’re not in the US, contact the consumer protection agency in your country.

⚖️ Consult Legal Advice

Talk to a lawyer about what happened. Although it might take a lot of time and money to go through legal channels, it might help you get your money back.

📢 Share Your Experience

Post about your experience on social media to alert others. By sharing your story, you might stop someone else from being scammed in the same way.

How to Report the Scam

If you come across the scam, through misleading ads for example, it’s very important to report it. This action helps protect you and others from being deceived. Here’s a simple guide on reporting, with advice for social media platforms where these scams often spread, such as TikTok, Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook.

General Tips on Reporting Scams

  • Keep Evidence: Hold onto any ads, messages, or links that are part of the scam. Taking screenshots can be very useful.
  • Report Directly: Most platforms have a report or flag option; use this to report the scam.
  • Contact Your Bank: If you’ve lost money, get in touch with your bank or payment service right away.
  • Inform Authorities: Letting consumer protection or cybercrime authorities know can help.

How to Report the Scam on Facebook

  1. Find the misleading ad or the profile linked to
  2. Click on the three dots, usually located at the top right of the ad or page.
  3. Choose “Report”, select your reason, and follow the steps to finish your report.

How to Report the Scam on Instagram

  1. Locate the ad or the scammer’s profile.
  2. Tap the three dots at the top.
  3. Select “Report” and continue with the process to explain why you’re reporting it.

How to Report the Scam on YouTube

  1. Go to the misleading video.
  2. Click the three dots below the video for more options.
  3. Choose “Report”, select “Spam or misleading” and then “Scams/Fraud” to describe your reason.

How to Report the Scam on TikTok

  1. Go to the video that’s part of the scam.
  2. Hit “Report” and pick the reason that fits best, like “Scams or fraud”.

Even though it might seem like a small action, reporting plays a vital role in fighting scams. By taking the time to report scams like, you’re helping to create a safer online environment for everyone.

💡 Watch Out for Similar Scams

Just like the scam, there are numerous other scams trying to trick consumers. Here are a few other common scams:

👟 Fake Shoes Outlets Review: Is It a Safe Place to Shop Online? (4)

These are fake websites that claim to sell brand-name shoes at big discounts. They might show shoes that look real, with detailed descriptions and pictures taken from real sites. However, these sites often don’t send the products after you buy them, or if they do, the items are fake or very low quality. Always look for signs of a real website and customer reviews before you buy brand-name products online.

💍 Imitation Jewelry Scams

These scams offer high-quality jewelry at cheap prices. They often claim to sell luxury items like watches, rings, or necklaces, and these scam sites can seem very convincing. Buyers might end up with bad quality fakes or lose their payment without getting any product in return.

Fake Lego Stores Review: Is It a Safe Place to Shop Online? (6)

Lego is a beloved and sometimes pricey toy, which makes it a big target for online scams. Fake Lego stores lure buyers with big discounts and hard-to-find exclusive sets. These sites can seem very real to both excited children and collectors. However, after paying, the buyer might get fake Lego sets, if they get anything at all. To avoid these scams, it’s best to buy from official Lego stores or authorized retailers.

How to Spot Scams Like the Scam

We’ve created a list of warning signs to help you spot scams like the Scam. The most crucial alerts are at the top so you can quickly identify what to be cautious of. Before you risk your money or personal information, check out this list.

Red Flags 🚩What It Means 👀Why It’s a Problem 😟
Prices That Seem Too Good to Be TruePrices significantly lower than at other stores.Scammers offer unbelievable discounts to attract you.
No Way to Contact ThemMissing customer service contact options.Real businesses provide several contact methods.
Who’s Behind It? UnknownCan’t figure out who owns or operates the site.Scammers often hide to avoid being tracked down.
Copy-Pasted Legal PagesTerms, Conditions, Privacy Policy seem cloned.Lack of original legal text is a red flag for a shady operation.
Absent on Social MediaNowhere to be found on popular social platforms.Genuine businesses usually have an online social footprint.
Reviews or Articles Don’t Add UpOnly find overly positive reviews or articles that don’t seem real.Fake testimonials are often used to build false credibility.
Overreaching for Personal InfoThey ask for more personal and financial details than necessary.Collecting too much information could lead to misuse.
No Updates After PaymentYou hear nothing about your order after paying.Trustworthy companies usually send tracking information.
Ignored or Blocked After ComplainingAttempts to reach out are met with silence or you’re blocked.A genuine business would address your concerns, not ignore them.
Deals That Sound UnrealOffers seem too generous to be achievable.These offers are typically traps to make you spend your money.

Conclusion is running a scam that lures people in with promises of huge discounts on JOANN products. They might use ads on social media or send emails showing products at prices much lower than what’s believable. These deals are designed to grab your attention and make you think you’ve found an unbelievable bargain. However, when you try to take advantage of these offers, either you receive nothing at all, or you get counterfeit, damaged, or completely different items than what you ordered. Essentially, and its too-good-to-be-true deals are just a scheme to get your money and possibly your personal information.

Bottom Line: Stay away from any offers from, especially those claiming massive discounts. The safest move is to ignore these too-good-to-be-true deals to protect your money and personal info. 🛡️💻

Always trust your instincts; if a deal offers huge discounts on popular items, it’s probably too good to be true. 🤔 Review: Is It a Safe Place to Shop Online? (2024)


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